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Filmes de tokus

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Kamen Rider x Super Sentai Live Show 2013 - Super Hero Festival

Super em formato mkv



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Death Trance


Movie: Death Trance
Japanese: デス・トランス
Director: Yuji Shimomura
Action Director: Go Ohara
Writer: Seiji Chiba, Shinichi Fujita, Junya Kato
Action Director: Tak Sakaguchi
Release Date: May 20, 2006
Runtime: 90 Min.
Language: Japanese
Country: Japan

Sakaguchi stars as a nameless wanderer, a warrior with only one goal: a fabled coffin housed in a remote temple in the east. Heavily guarded, there are conflicting reports about the coffin’s powers. Some claim whoever opens it will be granted whatever they wish for. Others believe it is a prison for a goddess of destruction. All agree it must be transported from its eastern resting place to the lost forests of the west to be opened. Sakaguchi gains his prize, but on the trip west to open it is under constant assault by gangs of thieves and other wanderers intent on gaining control of the coffin for themselves, not least among them a temple acolyte carrying a magical – and ludicrously phallic, right down to the pulsing veins in one key scene – sword, and a powerful warrior intent on gaining the coffin for himself – played convincingly and with a good amount of charisma by Steven Seagal’s son, Kentaro.

Shimomura proves a remarkable visual talent, arguably more so than his teacher Kitamura, giving the film a manga-inspired, wildly anachronistic visual charge well beyond its low-budget roots. He shoots beautiful film and augments it well with a series of dazzling set pieces choreographed by Sakaguchi himself. While Sakaguchi is more a brawler than any sort of disciplined fighter, he is smart enough to surround himself with others more skilled, a collection of fighters that begins with Seagal – who has obviously spent a good amount of time training with dad – and includes a capoeira fighter, a pair of vampiric ninjas and a hulking behemoth armed with a massively oversized sword. Character designs are stunningly inventive and somehow, it just makes perfect sense when the ninjas turn out to have machine guns embedded in the hilts of their katanas.

Tak Sakaguchi - Grave/Coffin Man
Honoka Asada - Girl
Yoko Fujita - Goddess of destruction
Ben Hiura - Archbishop
Chuck Johnson - Muscleman
Kentaro Seagal - Sid
Takamasa Suga - Ryuen
Osamu Takahashi - Master
Yuki Takeuchi - Yuri






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Kamen Rider Wizard in Magic Land


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